[[t]ædˈvæns, -ˈvɑns[/t]] v. -vanced, -vanc•ing, n. adj.
1) to move or bring forward in position
2) to bring into consideration; suggest; propose:
to advance reasons for a tax cut[/ex]
3) to further the development, progress, or prospects of; forward:
to advance one's interests[/ex]
4) to raise in rank; promote
5) to raise in rate or amount; increase
6) to bring forward in time; accelerate:
to advance a deadline[/ex]
7) to furnish or supply (money or goods) on credit
8) to schedule at a later time or date
9) to move or go forward; proceed
10) to increase in quantity, value, price, etc
11) to improve or make progress
12) to grow or rise in importance, status, etc
13) a forward movement:
the advance of the troops[/ex]
14) a development showing progress; step forward; improvement
15) improvement; promotion; advancement
16) cvb Usu., advances
a) attempts at forming an acquaintanceship, reaching an agreement, etc., made by one party; overtures
b) actions or words intended to be sexually inviting
17) bus a rise in price, value, etc
18) bus
a) a furnishing of something before an equivalent is received:
an advance on one's salary[/ex]
b) bus the money or goods thus furnished
19) jou news copy, a press release, etc., prepared before the event it describes has occurred
20) cvb inf publicity done before the appearance of a noted person, the opening of a theatrical performance, etc
21) aum an adjustment made in the setting of the distributor of an internal-combustion engine to generate the spark for ignition in each cylinder earlier in the cycle
22) going or placed before:
an advance guard[/ex]
23) made, given, or issued ahead of time:
an advance payment; an advance copy of a speech[/ex]
Etymology: 1200–50; < AF, OF avanc(i)er < VL *abantiāre, v. der. of LL abante in front (of) ad•vanc′er, n. ad•vanc′ing•ly, adv.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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